Exotic Moments 2 You Cancellation Policies
Our polices here at Exotic Moments 2 You are designed to protect
the company and Dancers. We will charge a minimum  $75
cancellation per entertainer ordered. This is our police and once
you confirm to us that you are allowing us to charge your, Credit or
Debit card for any and all services you agree to these terms. If you
call later then 72 Hours prior to The appointment time you will forfeit
 all of the deposit. We here at Exotic moments 2 You, work hard to
get you the entertainer you want. These entertainers notify all the
other agencies that they are booked for your event/ appointment.
So by cancelling You may have caused them to lose work, not
mention the time we spend scheduling and booking shows. So
please be sure that you have the correct time and date. Once we
book your entertainer, they are yours and only yours for the date
and time. That is why we take a deposit to ensure that your chosen
entertainer is not going to be booked by any other agency, and that
they show up to your event. This also ensures that you are not
calling to double booking with another agencies. Upon the
entertainer showing up all services are finalized  between You and
Exotic Moments 2 You, all dancers are independent  contractors
and are hired as such. We are the only the booking agency.
Any order that results in a fraudulent charge or charge back will be reported to a fraud
database used by over 900 online advertising providers.  All information on fraudulent
orders is blacklisted with all providers and the information may be turned over to law
enforcement authorities for further investigation.