Helpful Tips to help  ensure your Party is the best  for everyone !
What Happens at the party?
Our Parties are usually performed in 3 stages with our
Hot Exotic Dancers.

The 1st stage is dedicated to the Guest of Honor: The Strippers will
perform a
sexy striptease around the Guest of Honor. They will have lots
of fun with him/her teasing and embarrassing him/her. This is the part of
the show when you want to get your tips out. The
Strippers will spank the
Guest of Honor, perform magic tricks on him/her, bashing their face with
their body parts and have lots of other fun with him/her. Each one of Our
Strippers has there own variety of party games they do, they will let You
know what games the have when they arrive.

The 2nd stage is for the rest of the party guest: This is when the
strippers will offer lap dances for the rest of your party. Our Strippers do
topless or
fully nude lap dances and floor dances Our male strippers will
perform in G-string . The
Strippers will also offer a variety of games
including: whip cream, chocolate, lotions and lollipops. The cost of this
stage is usually about $20 per game, depending on the Dancer.

The 3rd stage is the Fantasy show: and is not included you can work
a price out with your dancer. This is when the girls interact with each
other. Depending on your taste and generosity the girls can get pretty
wild with each other using lotions, candles, toys, toys and more toys.

When do we pay?
You pay the dancers when they arrive at your party. We accept cash, and
all Major credit cards. Deposits will be paid in advance, We do this to
insure that the dancer You requested is reserved for Your party.  Also you
will need your credit card and drivers license when the dancers arrive. So
we can make sure it is You using Your own card.

Are there additional charges or is everything included?
The show fee is for the dancers to show up at your party. They do work
for tips. The more you tip, the longer the girls will stay at your party. Each
person at your party should be prepared to spend at least $50. You as
Host of the party should be sure to let every one know that there will be
Exotic Dancers at You party. So people will be prepared for some fun and
that You do not offend anyone. Remember all Dancers are there to make
tips. This is an  industry standard, so be generous and You will get the
hottest show ever.

How Should we tip?
The first stage you should tip lots of 1', 5's, 10's or 20's if your are
extremely generous. The 2nd stage tips are usually between $20 to $40.
The 3rd stage tips depends upon the type of show you want. Just
remember Strippers love money the bigger the bigger the thrill.

Do we need to provide anything for the dancers?
Please have a room ready for them to change in. This should be a
private area were the girls can keep their stuff. If Your floors are Hard
such as tile or wood please have a throw rug or thick blanket available.
Please make sure You have parking, if there is valet know that You will
have  to pay this for the Entertainer. The dancers will need enough room
to perform their show. So clear out some space where they can get down
and dirty with the guest of honor. Here at Exotic Moments 2 You, all of
Our Dancers will bring their own radio, music, lights, toys and props. The
only thing the will ask for is some ice.

Can we take pictures of the Strippers?
Unless our dancers give written consent, you cannot take pictures or
videos of the Girls or Guys. If you take pictures or videos the dancer
without their consent that will end the show immediately.

We ask that You show all Of our Strippers the utmost respect, do not over
step their boundaries. Each Stripper will go over their rules and need to be
to be respected. If the party gets out of control it will end the show. There
will be no refunds of any kind if this happens. So show these Entertainer
some respect and love and you will have a great party. If You have any
questions please feel free to give us a call.
Our Strippers will put on the best show You will ever see. Better yet our strippers will travel to Your house to put on the show. We
only employ the
hottest strippers. They are available 24/7 and should be booked early. These strippers are hot and always ready
to party, but some notice is always appreciated. Call today to book a party with
Exotic Moments 2 You and check out the hottest
strippers in So. Cal. We service all of Southern California,such as
Palm Springs,Orange County,Los Angeles, Inland Empire,San
, Santa Barbara, Ventura, and any where in California,Las Vegas,Arizona.
Hot Strippers For Any Occasion
First and Foremost Please remember that all Strippers are there to give you a night to remember and
work. All the entertainers work for tips. The show up fee is just that, a show up fee. This is for there
time, gas and setting up. The more love You show the girls the more they show You. We do have all
inclusive packages if You would like to book this way please give a call. So we can go over the pricing
and option we have available. Having an
Stripper come to your party  is not always cheap, but it bets
every one in the party paying $20-$25 at the door and being forced to buy 2-3 drinks at $9 plus, tip the
server,and not get the personal attention from the strippers unless You are tipping big or paying for lap
dances. Check Your options and call around, We want You to have the best Party no matter how, or who
You book it with. Just keep in mind this is a tipping industry.
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