Here at Exotic Moments 2 You we have strippers for all of
Los Angeles parties. From Bachelor or Bachelorette party
to private shows. All of our Strippers are hot and
sexy and will put on the hottest show. No bait and switch. You
will know for sure who will be showing up to Your party. Our
strippers love to entertain and enjoy there jobs. We bring the
strip club to you. We service every City in the
Los Angeles
give us a call to book Your show now.  Los Angeles is a
party town and goes all night, so we are open 24/7 for Your
booking, please note that calling last minute will always limit
the choices. We will always have You approve  any last minute
Strippers we send out. It is best to book Your party early. We
pride our selves in providing the best and hottest adult
entertainment in
Los Angeles. All of Our Strippers are Hot and
, and will bring Your party to life. Please check out our
Gallery of
hot strippers. Our Strippers love to party. Call a head
to book or call as the need a rises, we can you an entertainer.
Bring a little life to your next party. Call Exotic Moments 2 You,
you will not disappointed. Los Angeles is known for some of the
hottest strippers any where in this Country.

The Girls of Exotic Moments 2 You

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The Guys of Exotic moments 2 You
California's Hottest and Sexiest Strippers
To Your Party
Los Angeles Strippers
One Girl / Guy Show - $140

Two Girl / Guy Show - $265

If you are going to need more
than two entertainers, please
call the office to get rates.
Do not fall for the company's that
say for this price they can give
you an all inclusive show. Trust
me when the entertainers get
there that they will start asking
for tips, remember this is a
tipping industry. These girls or
Guys are not going to come out
and dance around for an hour,
for less $75  Exotic Moments 2
you will always be  up front
about pricing and party levels.
Call us first to get the real deal
on any party.