We have a few new Female Strippers In Orange County

Exotic Moments 2 You is always trying to keep fresh faces in the mix. So we are always trying hire new and sexy talent. Which means you all get to hire the hottest and sexiest new Faces in the business. We hand pick all our Strippers. We get a lot of Female Strippers applying, do not always hire them. Sure we could post fake photos and send them out any how. But we feel that is wrong. See what we mean. Check out our Hot and Sexy Female Orange County Strippers.


When You need some sexy Strippers for your Orange County Party, Private, Couples Private, Topless servers, or any time you want some sexy Females Running around Naked. Stop Exotic Moments 2 You and see who we have for you. We have girls of all types, for you and your guests. We want to make your event the very best it can be.

If you would like to hire any of our sexy Female Strippers please Stop By Our site and then give us a call.

Hiring The Best Party Strippers

Here at Exotic Moments 2 You we take the time to hand pick some of the Hottest Local Strippers. Yes we are looking for Strippers Nationwide. With all the Competition in So Cal and too many fake companies showing up every day. We have decided to take our expertise out to all the Great State in the Nation. Slowly we are building the Nation’s Top Entertainment Company dedicated to Private Party Stripper.


   So if you are in The Exotic Dancer field and would like to work with one the best Companies, fill out a questionnaire and lets see what you have. We book parties Nationwide. Male and Female Strippers are always wanted for Parties. So if you have you think you have what it takes to work for us. Stop by our website and see.

This is a great way to make full time pay in less part time hours. We take time to work with our clients. We never Bait and Switch them, witch means when  you get to your party, you are the person they picked. No hassles and just great parties. We know a lot of other companies send you out and you get there and find out the party asked for another person. Some times they even pre-booked weeks in advance. What happens then? Sometimes you get sent away, some times the party goes on. But whole time they are complaining and asking for freebies because you where not their pick. We understand this is not the Strippers fault, but party doesn’t. Why keep working for these companies? Driving around to “No Show and Picking up some shady companies Show Up Fees?” Come over and let Exotic Moments 2 You book you out and know that you are going to a party that actually picked you. This way our entertainers make great tips and have a good show.

Rotation AddIf are experienced and fun to party with, you can be working this weekend. We are looking for Strippers who want to work and can handle a lot of Parties every weekend. Exotic Moments 2 You is one of best companies to work for. You need to give us a try and see why we are number one. Click Here For Employment.

The Fun and Sexy Girls From Exotic Moments 2 You

Everyone loves to party now and then. Think back to some of the best and worst. What would you change? Hire some strippers, use a different company? What every it is, Exotic Moments 2 You is here to help you out. We love to party. We will come come out to any party. There does not have to be a reason for the party… we have all been to a party that just happened. Well let us make those parties even more memorable for everyone. Get some sexy Strippers to come out and party with you. Female Strippers will liven up any party. Hire a couple for any party.






Here at Exotic Moments 2 You we are always hiring new hot and sexy Female Strippers. We have been in this industry and have seen a lot of girls come and go. You should always come back to the site and see who we have recently hired.

As you can see on our girls gallery pages it changes a bit from time to time. This is also a way to see if a company is really good. Do they add photos of there real girls or do they keep the same pictures up for decades? We only post photos the strippers we have. That is why our site is always changing. So come back when you need strippers for any party.

Our girls offer Lap Dances and Party games and VIP Lap Dances.

How are parties are performed by our hot and sexy female strippers. Every wanted to know how a Bachelor Party was done? Well here you go, this is a great explanation.



The Bachelor Party begins when the guest of honor is put in the hot seat. You sexy strippers performing a lap dance routine with the guest of honor (The Bachelor).  The strippers will start there strip tease here and will continue to play with the Bachelor. The strippers can and will get naked and dance all over the bachelor.

 This will also include some embarrassing, fun, bachelor party games and surprises. With games Like Bachelor Spanking, “Whip Cream Spots”, “Body Shots”, “Feed the Kitty”, “Fire-N-Ice Oil Rubs” and more. Each stripper will offer their own combination of the bachelor party games. The games will start with the Bachelor then these same party games will then be offered to the entire bachelor party.


Lap Dances / Floor Dances

 The strippers can offer bikini dances, topless dances and full nude dances. Variations include bachelor party strippers Lap Dances, Floor Dances and Private Dances. After the bachelor, the strippers offer lap dances to all of the bachelor party guests based on interest, participation and generosity.


Hot Girl-Girl Act

“Please Use Your Imagination” this can get really wild.

Girl – Girl Lesbian Love Act Show that you won’t see any strip club can be with 2 or more strippers. You can also get the solo girl show that is just as hot.

The bachelor party strippers bring various goodies such as Sexy Props, Outfits,  Candles, and so much more.

Get who you ordered... not who we want to send. Do not fall for the Bait and Switch. Check out our Strippers and know that these will be the Strippers we send.

Get who you ordered… not who we want to send. Do not fall for the Bait and Switch. Check out our Strippers and know that these will be the Strippers we send.

So always remember when You are looking for Strippers for your party That Exotic Moments 2 You has Orange Contuy Strippers, Los Angeles Strippers, Palm Springs Strippers, San Diego Strippers, San Bernardino Strippers we send Female Strippers out to all kinds of Parties  give us a call and see who we can send to your party.