Another great Week for Exotic Moments 2 You

Well this was a good weekend. We were able to entertain another 20 Parties in So Cal, 2 in San Francisco, and a total of 6 in other States. We are very glad that we where able to entertain so many parties, sounds like they all had a great time and once again our Strippers had fun. With so many Agencies out there to choose from we are glad that all these people called and booked with us. The most trusted Stripper Agency.

We hear all the horror stories when people call in, the agency did not send the dancer they said they would, they said we would not have to tip, then the stripper asked for tips. Worst yet the “Stripper never showed up”. That is always the worst one to hear. We had 3 people call and have to book with us,because the agency they first ordered through, did not send out a strippers. We sent one of our Orange County Strippers to a party in Laguna Hills this weekend because of this issue. Covered a Party in San Diego as well.

See these agencies just say they book a party with out checking with their Strippers. They are only hopping they can cover the party and if not “O well it’s not my party.” See here at Exotic Moments 2 You we take it serious and we want to make every party a great one. That is part of the reason we are in this business. Sure the money is good, but it comes down to pride in our company. We are one of the only few, up front and honest agencies in So. Cal.

We know that hire a Stripper whether a Male Stripper or Female Stripper, it is a lot of fun. We are getting a lot more calls for coed parties. They are two strippers one male and one female. Birthday Party, Bachelor Party, Bachelorette Party, Strip o Grams, Office Party. You name it, we want all of these parties to go good and call again. So when you want to book a Stripper remember to book with the most trusted Stripper Agncey in the Nation Exotic Moments 2 You. Go to our website and Check out some of our hot and sexy  Los Angeles Strippers, Orange County Strippers, Palm Springs Strippers, San Diegos Strippers and book a party that will not soon be forgotten.

Bachelor Party Strippers 101

We all know that the Bachelor Party is a right of passage in to Manhood. Well maybe not, but it is the last real party night for you and your Buddy. We all know that soon, it will be Diapers and ” I can’t go out this weekend.”  So this is the real reason for the Bachelor Party. Have one last wild and crazy blow out before he is done. When you think of Bachelor Parties, there is always a Bachelor Party Stripper in involved. Some good clean fun and great memories. (We also Book a lot of Co-ed Bachelor Bachelorette Parties) We know girls love naked Girls too.

We here at Exotic Moments 2 You want to keep that memory alive for a long time to come. We know that hiring a Bachelor Party Strippers is and can be tricky, you need to hire from a respectable company. To make the night a great one, this crucial. Yes there are some stories of parties gone really wrong; hire a strippers, asked for  Barbie, the girl on the other end said she is available and what time do you want her there. Then the day comes and you are all waiting to have a great time. Waiting to see Barbie. Then you answer the door and some chick is standing there claiming she is Barbie. She looks nothing like the girl from website. You have fallen victim to the old ” bait and switch.” Yes this does happen a lot, only when you book through the wrong Agency.

They know they were never going to send Barbie. Because she is a fake photo, and they only have a couple Strippers and who they send is who you get. Yes who ever they want to send. They also know that this bait and switch tactic leaves you two decisions; 1 keep this girl who is not who you picked, or 2 try to hire through another Agency last minute. Which means you will have to wait a bit longer and maybe not get anyone. Please do not keep this sub standard Strippers who may be as old as your mom and fat. We are sorry some of these Shady Agency are still around. Please Be careful when choosing the Agency. Give us a call and let help you out. Even last minute you may be able to pull this for you.

Exotic Moments 2 You will not pull the Bait and Switch. We hire hot and sexy Female Strippers for Bachelor Parties. We only send out who you agree upon. We have been in business for over 15 Years, we have a lot of repeat customers, and more referrals. It is easy to fall victim to some sweet talking girl or some guy who will promise you it all for a low show up fee. Do not be fooled. Remember these Girls work off tips, Strippers have always worked off tips and always will. Sure you can find really great deals. Just remember cheap is cheap…. these girls are making $300 + an hour. So if some Booker claims $150 covers you and your party for an Hour of a full nude Show, you are going to be disappointed. At $150 split 2 ways usually the Agency gets $75 and then the Strippers $75. Remember she drove to you and the party. Now she has to go get set up, usually they have a driver, so she has to pay him. So in the end your the Strippers is there and going to get Naked and entertain for what less than $35 an hour? Would you? Really? Just know Lap Dances and party games are a tipping part of the show. Girl on Girl Show is extra and VIP Dances as well. Here at Exotic Moments 2 You, we can work out an in all inclusive Party for you but it will not be $150 we are up front about everything here and the Entertainment we bring to you.

This is not cheap entertainment at all. But it does have it’s advantages over going to the strip club. Here You will a Strippers who is there for you and your party only. Not to mention full nude Clubs do not have alcohol. Plus not DUI check points to deal with. When you have 10 – 15 guys and each bring $40. You got it covered and will a great time. Our strippers bring the club to you, music, lights, party games, full nude lap dances, Girl on Girl XXX shows, VIP Lap Dances, and a real great memories.